Red, White, and Blue Balls


after Martin Gardner

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There are three pairs of balls - red, white, and blue. In each pair one ball is a little bit heavier than another one. All the heavy balls weigh the same, and all the light balls weigh the same. Also you have a balance scale. 

Now, in just two weighings you have to determine the light and the heavy balls in each pair. How can it be done?


Mini-Contest 21 - Red, White, and Blue Balls is FINISHED

It was our twenty-first Mini-Contest, and our fourth Mini-Contest with the Puzzle Playground sector. As usual you, our fellow visitors, were extremely active. Actually we have the site's record number of answers to our Mini-Contests. And it's the main reason why we post this contest's results and solutions to the puzzle just now. With this Mini-Contest 21 is finished.

We thank you for your active contribution, and look forward to the next Mini-Contests. Happy Puzzling!

Contest Results

The winners are:
1. Renjith.J.
2. Kiruthika K.
3. Tim Sanders.
4. Jensen Lai.
5. Jon Black.
6. Glenton Jelbert.
7. Alex Packard.
8. Du'c Hoang.
9. Marcus Dunstan.
10. David Low.
11. Bryan Feir. 
12. Megha Rashmi.
13. Eric Yeh.
14. David T. Oddy.
15. John F.
16. Patrick Carpenter.
17. Bill Costello.
18. James Higgs.
19. Colg.
20. Dustin Cook.
21. Gregory Clayborne.
22. Don Glasscock.
23. Alan Lemm.
24. Caitlin McLeod.
25. RobRuw.
26. Tommy Tang.
27. Anita Weir. 
28. Phil Brown.
29. Roland Vyncke.
30. Rob Farley.
31. Shashi.
32. Murthy.
33. Leonor Gonçalves.
34. Gary Hvizdak.
35. Prasath P.
36. Geoffrey Mayne.
37. Sadaf Fardeen.
38. B.P.Roopa.
39. William M. Shubert.
40. Srikanth Tanikella.

Mini-Contest 21 - Red, White, and Blue Balls

Before we give the answer, we'd like to propose this great classic puzzle as our Mini-Contest 21 to all the visitors of our site.

Your messages with answers must be received by June 15, 2002.

The names of the solvers who submit the correct solution to this puzzle will be posted here and at the
Puzzle Help section.

Good Luck!
Last Updated: August 11, 2005
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