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  This on line version of River Crossing™ lets you get a feel for the game by playing four sample games; two beginner and two intermediate challenges.


The Object
  You start the game on the left side of the board; your object is to cross the river (the blue box) and end at the red dot on the right side. To accomplish this, you need to move the yellow planks across the playing grid until one of your planks reaches the right side.


How to Play
  To move a plank, simply click on it (which shadows it into an outline), and then click on the spot where you want the plank to be placed next. If it's a legal move, the computer will let you do it; if not, figure out what you've done wrong and then make a legal move. It will help to note that planks that you can move legally are bounded by yellow stumps, planks that can't be moved legally connect to brown stumps.

These challenges start out easy. Give it a try and you'll get the hang of it!


General Rules

• No jumping is allowed between stumps or planks or from a stump to shore.
• The Hiker can pick up and move or carry a plank if one end touches the stump where he is standing.
• The Hiker can only pick up or carry one plank at a time.
• Planks must be supported between stumps on both ends, and must be an exact fit.
• Planks can't be placed diagonally, only north-south or east-west.
• Planks can't support other planks.
• Planks can't be stacked.
• Planks can't cross over other stumps or planks in the way.


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